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Posted on: March 7, 2012

I just saw this amazing video.  Take a look:



This ties in so much with our School Outreach Program.  So often we pretend we’re above stereotypes, that words like the R-word don’t matter, they don’t mean anything, that hey, I’m still a good person!  Guess what, it’s not about me or you.  It’s about people like Max.  Would we use that word directly to him?  Read his mom’s blog, get to know him.  I doubt you would.

I’ve heard the R-word myself spew from kids’ mouths at the playground, along with “gay” or “sped,” flung casually over toward a playmate like it was all a normal part of fun banter.  I think we need to make words like these sting the ears of our children, the same way it would sting the ears of the child who happens to be gay, or have an intellectual disability.  If we don’t address it, it only gets worse.  And then we’re part of the problem.

Same reason why I think consequences were justified over use of the C-word in reference to Jeremy Lin.  We have to be vigilant about our language.  Some say attacking the use of particular words doesn’t change anything; we have to address attitudes.  I disagree.  Words shape attitudes.  Research shows this, and frankly, I think we all know this.  It’s just hard to admit, because that would mean we’d have to change our ways.

I joined the campaign to end the use of the R-word.  I hope you will too!

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