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Cyberbullying–Protect Yourself with Knowledge

Posted on: July 6, 2012

I always told myself that my kids “aren’t involved in that cyberbullying stuff.” I spoke openly with them about the subject, listened in to their conversations when I drove carpool (the BEST source of inside scoop!), talked to them about the online rules for our family when they did begin to venture into social cyberspace. I was all set, no problem here, I thought.

But a recent perusal of facebook and twitter was a slap to the side of my ignorant head. The comments and postings that were swirling through my kids’ social circles were eye-opening–and very concerning. Come on, why would I think my kids are above all that? It’s just a fact–most are vulnerable to it. We need to adjust accordingly.

Not to say we have to cut them off from social media–that’s where it all happens, apparently. (Is it like middle school dances? The arcade? What is the 80’s equivalent of facebook?) But we really do have to be aware, and we really do have to monitor. Not in some kind of suffocating way, but just openly and honestly. Like this is the cost of doing business on facebook. Sorry…dude.

I heard about this great post on cyberbullying with an amazing graphic. Check it out:

Cyberbullying Infographic
Source: Accredited Online Colleges

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