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Children’s Festival at Barrington Books

Posted on: October 23, 2012

We had a great time this weekend at Barrington Books‘ Children’s Festival! They do an amazing job of hosting events like these. When you walk into their store, you see why independent bookstores are where it’s at. From the variety of book offerings, to the amazing stock of gifts and things, to the knowledgeable and incredibly helpful staff, it’s clear that big box stores will never replace an oasis like this!

The other thing that indie stores like this offer is a strong connection to the community. It feels like home walking into the place. Staff give a warm hello, ask how your mother is doing, or whether your son won the big baseball game last weekend. That’s the kind of place it is.

Finally, our fellow panelists were amazing: Mary Jane Begin, Peter Mandel, Patty Bowman, Eileen Rosenthal, and Grace Lin. It was great to meet you! Read all about the panel–including a fascinating “Inside the Writer’s Studio” commentary–at Barrington Books’ blog (say that three times fast). Also a big thank you to Anika Denise who moderated the panel. Check out her books and blog too!

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