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Not a creature was stirring, not even a…

Posted on: December 3, 2012


I would have been glad for one mouse stirring in my house.  Instead I counted six.

Yes, six. All up in my Christmas ornaments!


Serves me right for putting all my precious ornaments into one of those cheap, cardboard ornament keeper things.

Anyway, we carry this box into the house from the shed, then head out to get the tree. Back again, tree is in the stand, and now for the fun part, uncovering memories sparked by nearly every ornament. There’s the paper Jesus made by my daughter in first grade, the popsicle stick cross carefully glued together by our son in kindergarten, the ceramic black lab with a red scarf in memory of the-best-dog-ever, Jasmine. And of course each growth stage is marked with the appropriate commercial product: Elmo, Clifford, princess castle, Luke Skywalker celebrating the holiday by brandishing a light saber upon Darth Vader. Finally, family travels are included: New Mexico, Key West, Brazil, Israel, China.

DSC_0712We lift the cover of this infamous cardboard box, and the dogs seem strangely attracted to the ornaments. We peer inside and see way too many mouse droppings to indicate a mere passer-by. Soon my dog Raydar (the smart one) has his head completely inside the box.

Raydar, with his big ears and big nose, always lets us know when there’s cause for concern. So we listen to him.

We drag this box outside, figuring maybe there’s a stowaway. I lift up the first layer of ornaments, and yes, indeed, there’s a stowaway. Plus his friend, his cousin, his neighbor, and his neighbor’s cousins too!

mouseAway they run! Off into the backyard, with Raydar at the window saying, please, please, let me chase them. What fun that would be!

This little colony of mice made quite a home for themselves in my box. With my ornaments! They destroyed anything paper, and chewed up anything yarn-related.

We saved what we could. Elmo and Clifford did survive, although they got a good scrubbing in the sink.

Lesson learned. I’m off to get myself a nicely sealed, plastic container for this year. Only question I’m left with is, did any of the group leave the box while we were out getting the tree? Let’s hope Raydar is on the trail!


3 Responses to "Not a creature was stirring, not even a…"

I love the picture of the mouse. I spotted two mice behind our oven the other day. The must have come in from the cold, but the cat is on the case!

Yes, I’m wondering if a cat may be better at hunting mice. I’m not sure Raydar would know what to do with one if he did catch up with it!

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