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Press, Reviews

School Library Journal reviews Arlene, the Rebel Queen. (see pdf of full review here)

School Library Journal reviews Arlene On the Scene. (see pdf of full review here)

Teaching Tolerance names Arlene as Staff Pick of culturally aware literature.

Bank Street College of Education, Children’s Book Committee includes Arlene, the Rebel Queen on its Best Children’s Books of 2014, ages 9-12

Doing Good Together names Arlene, the Rebel Queen a “Chapter Book to Inspire Young Environmental Advocates”

Children’s Literacy Classic awards Seal of Approval for Arlene, the Rebel Queen.

The Providence Journal explores the challenging journey of Marybeth and Grace.

New York Newsday joins Carol for school presentations in New York.

Pragmatic Mom rates Arlene On the Scene as one of the top children’s books to teach compassion.

The Warwick Beacon joins Carol for school presentations in Rhode Island.

The Montgomery County Gazette talks with Carol about her writing and the mission behind it.

SO Rhode Island reviews Arlene On the Scene.

Quadangles Magazine highlights former college roommates Carol and Marybeth.

Bloom Magazine–Parenting Kids with Disabilities interviews Marybeth.

Channel 10, Health Check


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[…] on the classroom potential for the Arlene series. We’ve received positive reviews from the School Library Journal, our Teacher’s Guide for Arlene On the Scene has been revised, and many schools have taken […]

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